YSRCP Scared to Target Undavalli

Jun 27, 2020 06:59 PM

Generally, any political party counter-attacks anyone who attacks them especially if the party is in power. There is an information collection team, spokespersons, trainers, media wings and other resources and infrastructure in place only to keep peddling their narrative and bulldoze others. One could observe the methods ruling party employs to counter every criticism that comes their way.

However, YSRCP appears dumbstruck at the criticisms laid out by Undavalli Arunkumar during his media interaction. He not only gave a good piece of advice but also levelled several allegations against the ruling party from land dealings to sand policy. Despite this YSRCP leaders have not responded to the single allegation. Is their silence a sign of their acceptance to these allegations?

YSRCP may be hesitating, as Undavalli Arunkumar is known as an intellectual and loyal follower of YSR. From being a student leader during Jai Andhra Movement 1972 to losing his election in 2014, He never indulged in any illegal activities or mired in controversies. He single-handedly dented damage to Ramoji Rao who is the most hated figure among the YSR fans and YSRCP cadre.

If YSRCP attacks Undavalli, being a natural public intellectual his counters would be too much to handle for the YSRCP. They cannot delegitimise him as his career his spotless a commendable achievement in our politics. So the public won't believe YSRCP and rather believes Undavalli because he has 100 times more credibility.

Given this situation, YSRCP leaders are showing rare restraint in attacking undavalli, must be very hard for few "Noti Parudhala" leaders of YSRCP.

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