YSRCP Leaders Are Paying the Hapless Victim of Vizag Styrene Gas Leakage from their Pocket

May 28, 2020 03:34 PM

The Great Andhra tag line, “Dare to Write” is a laughable claim. They should rename the website as (Great Jagan.com). Media people who support Jagan are deriding TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu for announcing Rs 50,000 to gas victim families. The amount is certainly paltry when compared to the 1 Crore ex gratia to every gas victim by the State Government. The vilification began during the TDP political conclave Mahanadu where the former Chief Minister Chandrababu announced Rs 50,000 for the deceased family.

There were incessant slanders by the ruling party, and a strange comparison was made between the financial assistance provided by TDP and YSRCP. The yardstick to compare the financial support given by both Political parties was absurd, and it was devoid of commonsense. There is a difference between a state compensation and a political party voluntarily supporting the victims. YSRCP is the ruling party and they are using the tax payer’s money to help the survivors of the unfortunate gas tragedy. On the other hand, the TDP is giving money from its pocket. At least that’s how it looks at this stage. However, TDP detractors are saying that Rs 50,000 is peanuts for a party which made a killing and amassed enough wealth during their rule.

YS Jagan supporters are forgetting that the political party they back so passionately has a skeleton in the closet. Apart from the double standards of YSRCP and their supporters the media groups that they fund create false analogy which is amusing. Such articles only create nuisance value.

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