YSRCP Government in AP neglects Education

Jun 24, 2020 06:12 AM

According to the Budget for the financial year 2020-21, the YSRCP government reduced allocation to Education sector compared to any budget since 2014.

Previous year, while the total budget of the state is in Rs. 2,27,975/- crores education was alloted 32,618/- crores that is 14.31%. However this year it was only 11.21% that is 25,201 even when the total budget of state effectively reamined almost same 2,24,789.

This is significant as it makes clear the thinking of state Government regarding it's commitment to education. In the event of low growth, Government is reducing the expenditure in Education and Health, which are vastly priviatised but spends on welfare schemes which would fetch them votes and support. It's poor who would face the brunt of these decision unlike middle class or rich, because it is them who are dependent of Government Schools and Hospitals.

As Government schools curriculum was changed to English medium from Telugu, it infact demands more funds to build the capacities and trainings for teachers to engage children in the new medium. It is learned that teacher Unions are quite unhappy with this move. Though Teachers have been recieving only part salary for last couple of months due to Coronavirus they are cooperating with Government keeping in mind the effects of Pandemic. However, they have been pressing the Government to fill the existing 20,000 posts which are lying empty for long time. There is also shortage of mandal education officers and district educational officers, the people who supervise Teachers.

Other than welfare schemes to increase the image of CM Jagan Mohan Reddy even Development activities such as road construction, infrastructure, connectivity, land development, self employment were also dropped. It is sad state of affairs where important sectors gets negelcted and personal image building of Chief Minister Jagan takes front seat.

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