YSRCP Fans Prefer Kangaroo Courts

May 23, 2020 11:10 AM

In the 1980’s South Indian cinema the story usually revolved around a hero who is unemployed and desperately waiting for social injustice to take place. The hero and his family are the primary victims of the injustice, and in the second half, he summon-up the strength to fight the villains who are behind this tyranny. It could be the landlord, smuggler, or the corrupt police officer. YSRCP supporters are live example of cinema becoming a reality. They have obfuscated the reel from the real. Their superstar is YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and they believe that he will fight against corruption and injustice and single-handedly beat his political rival and the High Court.

YS Jagan and his admirers are not aware of the facts that in any civilized society and functioning Democracy there is a separation of power. Therefore, the Judiciary is independent. It was basic high school Civics that his supporters couldn’t comprehend. This is a glaring example of a lack of basic education among his followers. The trolls on social media were not just critical about the High Court judgments, their sarcasm was diabolical when they said, “RIP high court.”

What is the point of becoming a statesman when the supporters aren’t respecting the institutions?

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh should answer on behalf of the people who spew such venom against the opposition and institution.

There was a hat trick of Judgments on Friday that did not go in favor of the ruling party.

  • Night Curfew will continue from 7 pm to 7 am children below 10 and elderly people above 65 years, also pregnant women will not be allowed to go out
  • CBI inquiry for ill-treating a Dalit Doctor in Vizag
  • Former Intelligence chief A B Venkateshwara Rao suspension revoked
  • Contempt case for painting the Panchayat buildings with YSRCP party colors

YS Jagan followers were enraged with the judgments and they began to demean the High Court. There is a barrage of illogical tweets from the Jagan supporters. Some of them are cooking up a conspiracy theory and accusing the High Court of supporting the opposition party. It is a case of sour grapes. The poor fans are sad and they are sniveling. But there are serious allegations against the ruling party and the terrible precedence that they are setting.

How on earth can they encourage an unreasonable outrage?

Will there be a J-Court where his fellow comrades decide everything. Maybe his twitter fans believe in Kangaroo Court.

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