YSRCP Beg Center and Abuse Opposition

Jul 11, 2020 02:05 PM

Democracy is in danger when there is no freedom of speech and opposition. YSRCP and their supporters are paving a way towards mobocracy. On one hand, they beg the center for funds to develop the state, but there is no means to keep accountability because the oppositions are silenced through legal cases. It is impossible to show dissent and counter any Government policy no matter how ridiculous it seems.

YSRCP never attempt a frontal attack they attack like hyenas. Their MLA’s round-up the victim and then spew venom. It was very much visible in Raghurama Krishnam Raju case. They started a similar campaign against Jana Sena Pawan Kalyan by subtly ridiculing his spiritual outlook and then pouncing on his party leaders. Jana Sena is in target because they are against the decentralization of Capital and their inclination towards BJP. A month ago Pawan Kayan met Bandi Sanjay Kumar of BJP and since then the State Government is uncomfortable. They are in fact uncomfortable of any alliance that would impact their political ambition. Pawan Kayan opposed YSRCP on selling the TTD lands. Since then, his spiritual and religious life is systematically questioned through obnoxious articles on Great Andhra website.

Yesterday Taviti Bhavannarayana from Sattenapalli constituency in Guntur was arrested. He posted something against the state cabinet ministers on social media. The YSRCP men booked a case against him on charges of defamation. Even a normal criticism against the ruling party can be construed as abuse.

A Jana Sena Leader said, “The YSRC is not able to tolerate the attempts of Jana Sena to strengthen its base in Sattenapalli. So, their leaders are targeting us to demoralize our cadre.”

If YSRCP is concerned with derogatory remarks then they should stop Vijaysai Reddy who abuses every leader from the opposition. But there are different standards for certain leader. The State Government has taken a vow to destroy the opposition.

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