YS Jagan: Tough Nut to Crack or Just Nuts?

Jun 17, 2020 02:01 PM

Based on the projected “Strongman” image of Andhra CM YS Jagan, many are drawing comparisons to his grandfather YS Raja Reddy. Some even say Jagan has inherited the best of both his father and grandfather.

While the YSRCP supremo is positioning himself as a strong leader, behind this mask lies a ruthless despot. Since the day he stepped into the office, Jagan never fulfilled any of his promises.

A year ago, when former CM Chandrababu Naidu accused Jagan of luring TDP MLAs into YSRCP. In response, Jagan promptly urged the speaker to bring in an anti-defection law. He said if all at TDP MLAs have to join his party they have to first resign and contest elections afresh. But the Andhra CM never walked the talk.

After coming into power, Jagan has been trying to undo everything that TDP has done in its tenure. The incumbent government had shut down the Anna canteens, made statements about shifting the state capital from Amaravati to Vishakapatnam, and canceled 5,732 pattas during TDP rule.

The opposition party has been constantly alleging that YSRCP had made “Vendetta Politics” its top priority. After taking over charge as CM last year, Jagan appointed over three Special Investigation Teams (SITs) and six committees to probe the irregularities of the former TDP government. How the entire episode of Acham Naidu’s arrest is panning out serves as a proof of YSRCP's penchant for vendetta politics.

Jagan is also often accused of not being receptive to advise from other people. This sentiment is also echoed by the MLAs and MPs of his own party. Narasapuram MP Krishnam Raju said that CM Jagan had turned down his request for an appointment multiple times. He also added that Jagan made Ranga Raju the president of the YSRC Narasarpuram parliamentary constituency without even consulting or informing him.

Being receptive to criticism and taking advice is a sign of good leadership. CM Jagan Mohan clearly seems to lacks this quality.

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