YS Jagan took Action against LG Polymers Perhaps He Was Compelled

Jul 09, 2020 04:41 PM

YSRCP Public Relation team and Great Andhra are giving all the credit to Jagan for taking swift action against the culprit under whose negligence LG Polymers leakage took place. Soon after the expert committee submitted their findings and blamed the company management for this disaster the people involved were arrested.

Once the culprits were nabbed Great Andhra immediately sprung into action and started praising Jagan for his quick decision. Suddenly Jagan became a law-abiding ruler and Hammurabi the lawgiver. As far as the judicial institution is concerned Jagan and his followers never respect a court order and their proclivity had always been towards Kangaroo Court and mob justice.

Great Andhra considers it a surgical strike and a pre-emptive action before TDP could make any comment.

What should one expect after a thorough investigation and comprehensive report?

Any recklessness that involves innocent lives should be punished. It is plain justice the culprits even if they are South Koreans should be put behind bars. Twelve people lost their lives after the styrene gas leakage on the 7th of May. Their lives are more valuable than YSRCP and Jagan gaining any brownie points.

The reason behind the Accident?

It was a styrene gas leakage which is a neurotoxin. The plant was immediately shut during the lockdown. Gas plants unattended can lead to accidents; also huge quantities of chemicals were stored in the tanker. In the next 6 weeks, there was a chemical reaction which led to Auto-polymerisation. Auto-polymerisation is a state of stagnancy when styrene is stored for a long period in a liquid state. Hence this led to mishap and loss of life.

The government can pay money to the victim family from tax payer’s pocket, or maybe politicize the issue. They can catch the culprits and punish them. But will they find a way to stop these tragic events in future?

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