YS Jagan the Nero of Andhra Pradesh

May 17, 2020 11:16 AM
Ys Jagan

Historians and history buffs everywhere love to read and talk about narcissist emperors, but these emperors were nightmare for the subjects. Roman Emperor Nero is one such example of a crazy despot and a narcissist who burned the city of Rome and watched it from the Tower of Maecenas. While the city was burning the emperor was singing and seeing the helpless people wailing in pain. Perhaps the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister will be remembered as Nero. It is indeed a dreadful thought for any normal statesmen or politician to be compared with a despot. But YS Jagan is lost in reveries and he believes that he will be in power for eternity, or he thinks that he might leave a lasting legacy. The people around should snap him out of the daydream and bring him back to reality.

No politician in his right state of mind in a Democracy would issue a GO of Rs 500,000 to drama crews who would sing and praise him. This could be achieved in a private space by calling a few chamchas. Why waste public money?

He reminds me of dictators and despots like Saddam Hussain and Muammar Gaddafi. It looks like he is emulating them. All he requires is a loaded gun and a few shots in the air. Also, a great idea for him to garishly dress like the former Libyan dictator.

The Government Order was issued in the name of ‘Jagan Jaya ketanam.’ The GO was signed and forwarded by the Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture Department. The money was given to the drama crew Sri Sri Sri Satya Sai Baba Natakotsava Samithi of Anantpur. The Drama crew hailed, exalted and glorified the Nero of Andhra Pradesh. The praising program started on twenty of November 2019 and ended on the twenty-ninth. It was 9 days of pomp and chest-thumping.

The drama king was in desperate need of attention and he was eager to publicize the hard work and achievements of his government. Jagan Jaya Ketanam was branding and advertisement. Some of the admirers are comparing it with the olden days when there was no social media and TV and the king would order Jaya Ketanam for publicity, and show their good work to a common man. YS Jagan evoking historical concepts like Jaya Ketanam does not make him the Great Krishnadevaraya.

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