YS Jagan Ridiculous Policies on Liquor Sales

May 10, 2020 10:47 AM

As the days are passing YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is getting disoriented and it is visible in his bizarre policies. The incessant crackdown on liquor sales is ridiculous. Maybe the policymakers should read about the prohibitions and its impact. Moral Policing does not recognize restrictions and it can enter drawing rooms and bedrooms. In future, Jagan might even ponder over banning pornography. It is a serious problem when the Government turns into a moral science teacher. I’m not endorsing alcoholism or Pornography, but the measures adopted to curb any problems should be understood objectively.

No civilization could save itself of total prohibition from alcohol, prostitution, drugs, and gambling. Matured societies like Amsterdam deal with it in a better way. Indeed, we aren’t Amsterdam, but there are plenty of examples from history that banning turned out to be counterproductive. Look at dry states in India and the challenges they face. The bootlegging and smuggling; also the corrupt policemen and politician remains problematic. We can wail about the implementations but people generally find loopholes. Besides, law enforcement is dealing with people with high-tech gadgets. The money spends on prohibition would burden the State finance. The vice would become too expensive to deal with.

The systematic prohibition that the Chief Minister is imposing was tried in the Soviet Union during Mikhail Gorbachev rule. Maybe YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and his advisors should study on Soviet Union anti-alcohol campaign in 1985. Perhaps the CM can organize free classes on it. As free education is his latest obsession.

From 1985-87 Mikhail Gorbachev conducted a campaign against alcohol. It was a “dry law” imposed. Similar to Andhra Pradesh the prices of beer, wine, and vodka were increased. There was a regulation in sales and timing of sales was restricted. It was a complete disaster and the production of alcohol was moved to the black market. It was an economic disaster and the state lost money. The recent policy of Andhra Pradesh is a mirror image of the Soviet. Perhaps a great opportunity for the Andhra Pradesh government to learn a few valuable lessons. Let’s hope the Andhra Pradesh Government take cognizance from history.