YS Jagan is Desperate to shop and Eat Outside

May 20, 2020 03:24 AM

This news was a day before the new rules for the lockdown were instructed by the Center. On 16th of May, there was an article in Great Andhra where YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was thinking about opening malls and restaurants. It was certainly shocking news for anyone who understands about Covid-19 virus and social gathering. The information to maintain social distance is ubiquitous. Everyone is aware of it, that even 5 years old understand about various precautions suggested by the medical fraternity. Looks like the Chief Minister wants to enjoy a burger in McDonald's or relish a pizza in Dominos. I think the Rayalaseema exotic cuisine cooked in his house is enough to survive the lockdown. So why is he desperate to open hotels and restaurants?

Hyderabad being the epicenter of delicious culinary is waiting for the Government order. In fact, Hyderabadi food is listed under UNESCO heritage along with Greek cuisine. Despite of the fame; ministers in Hyderabad aren’t thinking about opening malls and restaurants. YS Jagan wants the senior officers to come up with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to stop the spread of the virus in crowded places like malls and big restaurants.

The chief minister suggested that the SOP should be in tandem with the new lockdown guidelines. Thereby he wants a hotchpotch of SOP & Center guidelines. Maybe a Khichdi where nothing would make sense or it could be another fiasco similar to the increase in engineering college fee. The only original plan that he has is the distribution of pamphlets to people, educating about the lockdown. The plan is laughable because there is internet WhatsApp groups and social media to spread the message.

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