YS Jagan Boasting Amid Corona Crisis

Jul 01, 2020 05:34 AM

Great Andhra never fails to surprise and shock; that every morning any sane person holding a cup of coffee would drop it after reading certain headlines. Here is one such shocker, “Corona Crisis Brings New Image To Jagan.”

New Image!

“Are you serious Great Andhra.”

The entire world is reeling under the novel coronavirus so which magic wand is the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh using to keep his State happy. Well! The answer is Great Andhra which is nothing but a tool for ‘Manufacturing Consent’ in proper Chomskian terms. We at Gold Andhra would like to remind to our esteemed readers that Great Andhra indulges in this sort of propaganda and series of ad hominem against the political adversaries to stop criticism against the ruling party and its inefficiency. It is indeed disturbing and the website is nothing less than a mafia.

The article stated that “Jagan Mohan Reddy is one of the first CMs in the country to state that people need to learn to live with Corona.”


Is it rocket science?

In fact, every individual around the world is aware of this existential threat. Perhaps a primary school student would figure out the magnitude of the threat. The above statement that Jagan Mohan Reddy made wasn’t a big deal. And as a Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, the citizens need more than a ‘Jumla’ – people are looking for solutions. Citizens are looking for answers related to economy, education, real estate, and most important healthcare.

Where is your real report card, Chief Minister?

Random praise from a politician or a hairstylist like Jawed Habib wouldn’t augment your image. It is merely gaining a few brownie points or maybe Mr Jawed Habib could give you a nice haircut. People want to see concrete development.

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