Yes! We know Great Andhra, It’s Goons Who Decide Under YSRCP Rule

Jul 30, 2020 03:04 PM

It was a shabby piece of writing on Great Andhra website which showed the farmers of Amravati in poor light and made a mockery of their struggle against the draconian three state policy which is happening under YSRCP rule. It was belittling their struggle; in fact, a glaring display of state government apathy.

According to Great Andhra, the employees in Andhra Pradesh Secretariat Employees’ Association are in favor of shifting the capital for administration to Vishakapatnam. They have also filed a petition in the state high court that it wouldn’t cost much to shift the capital. But it is, in fact, an irrelevant issue because the hardship of the farmers is real and these Sarkari employees have no skin in the game i.e they won’t lose anything if the capital is shifted. For them, it is only clerical work and bureaucracy, but for a hapless farmer, it is his bread and butter.

Although farmers indeed have nothing to say in the shifting of capital they have a lot at stake in this bifurcation of capital by YSRCP.

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