Wine keeps me to Good Sleep: Anchor Anasuya

Jun 26, 2020 04:10 AM

Anasuya became a star anchor in Telugu with ‘Jabardast’ comedy show. She even became successful as an actress by playing important roles in Tollywood movies too. In fact, she also played the female lead in a few of them. The anchor keeps her busy hosting several film events as well.

Meanwhile, Anasuya is also very active on social media by keeping in regular touch with her followers. During a recent interview with a YouTube channel, the anchor turned actress also shared her beauty secrets as well as her childhood memories.

She revealed that having a glass of red wine daily with the dinner is the top secret of her beauty. Furthermore, Anasuya also explained that she consumes nuts regularly to keep her heart and skin healthy. ‘Having a glass of wine keeps me to good sleep’ stated the glamorous anchor.

Talking about her childhood ambition, she clarified that her father wanted her to be an IAS officer. ‘I was not good at studies and was always an above-average student. As the people around me said I look beautiful I thought of becoming an air hostess or a model. But ended up as an anchor accidentally.’ shared the Rangamaththa from Rangasthalam.