Will YSRCP Hound Nimmagadda for Eternity?

Jul 28, 2020 07:48 AM

Nimmagadda is a thorn in the flesh for YSRCP and they are constantly after him. The state government is compelled to follow the court order and reinstate IAS officer Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar. Also, the governor is clear that the government of Andhra Pradesh should follow the order of the high court and reinstate Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar as the state election commissioner. YSRCP has no option but to keep their ego in check and respect the court order.

However, Great Andhra would keep the battle alive and they have mentioned about invisible sources that their hero Jagan would relentlessly fight the order and not allow Nimmagadda reinstated.

YSRCP is planning to bring in Justice V Kanagaraj as a state election commissioner to replace Nimmagadda. He was initially appointed as the SEC replacing Nimmagadda through an ordinance via Government order.

The high court had dismissed the ordinance but the state government did not remove Kanagaraj as the SEC. The reason being is that the high court order is challenged in the Supreme Court by the state government. Therefore the Kanagaraj will go to the supreme because he was appointed by the governor and his appointment is not yet cancelled. There is an impediment is reinstating Nimmagadda and it will continue until Kanagaraj is sacked. Hence YSRCP will continue harassing Nimmagadda and go against the governor and court order.

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