‘Why This Kolaveri di’ in Tollywood over OTT releases!

Jul 09, 2020 05:32 AM

The days of Corona turned out to be a golden era for OTT platforms. There are no movie halls, multiplexes, and other entertainment options to go out for the public. Even if they are opened, the people are reluctant due to panic over the pandemic. In this scenario, many are relying on Pay TVs and OTTs for entertainment. Amazingly, the viewership on OTTs has grown up by over 20% globally during the last few months. A similar situation is evident even in our Telugu states.

Several movies have completed their shootings before the lockdown. After Government’s permission, some in the postproduction stage are also finishing the remaining formalities. Few have already seen the light on OTTs. Simultaneously, there are also many movies in the pipeline for a release on direct digital platforms.

At the same time, there is another section of movies in a state of ambiguity. The big problem for these movies is the stars and huge budgets. These makers are hesitant to release their films on OTT platforms. Not only they are worrying about the returns but there is an even bigger issue for them. The stardom factor of the heroes is also stopping them to toe the present path. So, such films are left with no choice but to wait for normalcy to restore.

As of now, the OTTs seem to be a boon for the small budget films. But, it can’t be the same for the star-studded and magnum opus ones designed for larger screens at least during this transition phase. On the other hand, there is much uncertainty over their theatrical releases too. Because everyone is sure that the headcount in the theatres will be lesser even if it is a ‘Bahubali’ kind of a release.

Amid this confusion in the industry, the OTT platforms already started calling their shots to encash the cinema industry’s present helplessness. Apart from not paying the amount at once, these digital platforms are said to be laying down conditions by fixing the prices based on streamed hours. Above all, the piracy sites which make the content available for free within a couple of hours or days eat into the revenues by a larger scale. So, all these issues are stopping many conventional makers to go ahead with the direct release on digital platforms.

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