Who is that EVIL that Poonam Kaur wants to fight?

May 29, 2020 03:02 PM

Poonam Kaur did few films as a heroine in Telugu and also played second fiddle in several of them. Her career never took off in Tollywood as she expected to be. But, she makes heads turn once in a while on social media with confusing comments. Poonam often does that raising many speculations about a star hero. Yesterday she did it again on NTR’s 97th birth anniversary.

Generally, NTR family members, his party leaders, and followers pay tribute to the legendary personality at his ghat in Hyderabad. Many of them did not turn up yesterday to avoid crowds during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, Balakrishna visited his father’s ghat and paid rich tributes to him. However, Poonam Kaur’s visit to NTR Ghat has surprised many.

The actress shared the pic of her visit on her social media account. Apart from the surprise visit, she added a shocking and a confusing tweet along with the pic. “NTR Jayanthi ....... God of Telugu people ...bless me from heaven.... bless me that I fight the evils..... Leaders like you n actors like u are the most needed now where there is humanity lacking ...’ tweeted PK. This tweet has become viral and it kept people guessing about the evils she mentioned in the post.

There were many rumors in the past about PK’s association with a star hero turned politician. And also about the issues she had with a mesmerizing star director. Hence, many are speculating that she would have targeted both of them in her post by calling them evils indirectly. Meanwhile, her presence at TDP founder’s ghat all of a sudden also left people guessing about her political plans.

Probably she might be preparing a ground to join Telugu Desam Party officially. But, who is that evil she wanted to fight remains a million-dollar question for many.

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