When Sushant Singh Rajput’s Batting Stunned Sachin Tendulkar!

Jun 16, 2020 05:38 AM

The young demised actor Sushant Singh Rajput mesmerized many through his performance in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. Most importantly, the effortless manner of playing the signature shot of the 2011 World Cup-winning Captain by the actor caught everyone’s eye on the screen. In reality, Sushant also stunned even the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar with his cricketing shots on a cricket ground in Mumbai.

The director and producer of Dhoni’s biopic hired the early 1990s Wicket Keeper Kiran More to train Sushant. The former cricketer has actually spent about nine months with the actor during the shoot of the film. He gave the inputs to play Dhoni’s unorthodox battening shots to Sushant along with wicket keeping techniques too. Especially, Sushant was trained to play the famous signature ‘Helicopter Shot’ of the former Indian Captain.

Paying tributes to Sushant Singh Rajput, Kiran More shared an interesting incident that actually stunned Sachin Tendulkar. The wicket-keeper explained that Sachin happened to visit the ground of the Maharashtra Cricket Association when the actor’s training was going on there for the movie. He said that Sachin came to observe his son Arjun’s batting on the same ground. Explaining the incident the gloveman stated that Sachin who was sitting at a distance also watched Sushant bat for a while.

Kiran More explained that Sachin has come all the way down after the practice to enquire about the batsman thinking that he was a player representing some team. ‘Who is that boy…Ithni Achchi Batting Kar Raha Hai?’ enquired Sachin with his former teammate. More said that Sachin looked stunned when he told him that he was not a player but an actor playing the role of Dhoni in his biopic. Further, he remembered that Sachin expressed that Sushant’s batting was so good that he could have easily become a professional cricketer if he wished to.

Meanwhile, late Sushant also shared the incident during an interview by stating that Sachin’s expression was priceless for him when Kiran More told him that he was an actor. Finally, the former wicket-keeper stated that the best person who could play the helicopter shot as exquisitely as Dhoni was no one else but Sushant. Such was the effort put in by the handsome and always cheerful-looking actor to perfectly nail the role of MS Dhoni. The late actor received much appreciation for taking the biopic to a new horizon making the audience feel real Dhoni onscreen.

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