“What’s your colour?” - The buzz line of Andhra Government offices

May 03, 2020 04:03 PM
Hands tied with chain because of color

Imagine you are a regular citizen who has some work to be done in the secretariat of Andhra Pradesh. After putting a lot of effort and paying the brokers to meet the officials, you will be asked a question: “What’s your colour ?” And your answer decides whether your work will be done or not.

Don’t answer you are white, black or brown. The colour they are referring to is not your skin colour colour but the colour of your caste. Only the colour of your caste can decide the status of your work. As asking What’s your caste is too main stream and regressive, asking colour seems to have solved the problem. Golden days of Varnashram are coming back to Andhra Pradesh thanks to YCP government.

Also, We have been importing a lot of things from the west- fashion, culture, religion. Why not import racism too? So, keep this in mind when you visit the secretariat- Colour is not your skin colour or dress colour. It’s the colour of your caste. Please don’t asks us for the colour palette which will decide your colour rather decide for yourself, “Which colour will suit my caste better?"

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