What is Your Problem Great Andhra?

Jul 02, 2020 05:11 PM
pavan kalyan

A news website should maintain a certain level of dispassion and allow people to live their private lives and religious beliefs.

The recent article on Great Andhra, “Jana Sena Chief Turns Spiritual Again” was indeed in bad taste and there was no need for the website to dig into Jana Sena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan spiritual believes. It is still a mystery after reading the article – was there any intention to ridicule his belief or to insinuate some sort of negativity towards the actor and his political ideology. So far it is quite clear that YSRCP is hell-bent to destroy and remove any political adversary and create an eco-system that promotes anti-democratic set-up.

It was obnoxious and Great Andhra take on Pawan Kalyan going for Chaturmasya Deeksha was simply condescending. This was unacceptable and the tone of the article was terrible. Spiritual and religious sentiments should be respected but for YSRCP – respect and dignity are non-existent.

Pawan Kalyan will eat one meal a day after sunset with little milk and fruit and in the night he will end the Deeksha with a vegetarian meal. The Deeksha is taken for divine intervention to overcome the disaster of Covid-19. It doesn’t matter if one is spiritual, rationalist, or believer- but respecting others sentiments is paramount. Hence, we object to the tone of the article in Great Andhra and their incessant trolling.

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