Water the Elixir of Life – Doodh Bowli A Water-Well With a Healing Touch

Jul 06, 2020 06:48 AM

There is no denying that Covid-19 virus had created an atmosphere of vigilance and discussions on health wellness had come to the forefront. Any news or article pertaining to health is attracting several eyeballs. Safety immunity and homemade food had superseded junk food. People have turned hygienic and there is not much of spitting on the road – such transformation was a snowball chance in hell in a country like India. But Coronavirus despite its disastrous effects could inculcate hygienic habits among Indians.

Water is the elixir of life and from time immemorial civilizations evolved where water was in abundance, all major civilizations: Indus Valley, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Mesopotamian flourished due to Euphrates, Nile, and Indus Rivers. Some water bodies achieve legendary status, and they are surrounded by folks and legends and people claim that there are healing properties in them. Scientific research also claims that this could be due to minerals which replenish the skin and soothe the aching muscles. The Hot Springs of Santorini Island in Greece and the Dead Sea water in Israel are the best examples of water bodies with a healing touch. Even the scientific community concurs with it.

Doodh Bowli (milky well) located around Molangur Fort in proximity to Karimnagar town which is 170 km from Hyderabad. Even the Nizams who ruled over Hyderabad could not resist the water and they would drink it to quench their thirst. Several people from the nearby villages fetch water from the Doodh Bowli. The name is confused with a place near Charminar Hyderabad which is also called Doodh Bowli.

The water was carried on horse carriages and transported to the Nizam of Hyderabad on a daily basis. The Asaf Jahi’s relished the water for generations. The sarpanch of Molangur Narahari Buchi Reddy claimed that the villagers never suffered from any major ailments. Several villagers believe that people who consume water from Doodh Bowli are blessed with good health. Some of them claim that it can cure Kidney problems and stones.

The well is 24-feet deep and it almost vanishes and dries-up during scorching summers. But monsoon brings in freshwater and seasonal disease in the nearby villages. The villages believe that the water has a miraculous power to heal them.

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