War Of Words Over Covid Testing Numbers

May 28, 2020 03:26 PM

The Covid testing strategy adopted by Telangana Government is facing criticism from various quarters. In response to a PIL filed by a TJS leader Vishveshwar Rao, High Court asked the TS government why there aren’t more number of tests, as financials involved are not more important to human lives. Opposition Parties like TJS and Congress have accused ruling party of gross mismanagement of the crisis by conducting less number of tests than required.

In response to accusations of opposition parties and the central health ministry accusations, health minister Eetala Rajender had reiterated that testing is progressing as per guidelines of ICMR. He even accused the opposition of having very little understanding of the issue and making baseless allegations. Government is following a strict protocol of contact tracing, mainly for the primary contacts. Tests thereby are encouraged after a period of quarantine of possible contacts.

When asked, why private players are not being allowed to conduct the testing process, he replied, private players may not have the authority to quarantine and trace the primary and secondary contacts. Therefore it’s best the entire process and data remains in Government control.

Most local leaders are not convinced though. A local TDP leader Venkatesh Goud retorted,” sometimes we hear people develop antibodies and virus never develops as a sickness. However there is a possibility of them affecting other contacts. Also, he accused quarantine facilities and social distancing norms are not practiced properly.So it’s best Government increases testing based on Contact tracing. GHMC also recently found the driver of a primary contact who initially tested negative, tested positive a week later. GHMC henceforth, decided to test the primary contacts every week. “

As new details of this disease are emerging every day, it’s best that Government takes into account all opinions. There by keep improvising it’s strategy every day. This is not the time for Government or opposition to try scoring political brownie points.

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