Wannabe God Father and a Failed Robin Hood

May 07, 2020 12:37 PM

When I was a kid I loved the Arabian Nights tales – especially Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. I would regularly follow Alif Laila on Doordarshan. YS Jagan Mohan policies remind me of Alif Laila days. I guess he is desperately looking for a magic lamp or a magic wand so that he can transform himself into a God Father or a Robin Hood. Unfortunately, he had to bite the dust in an attempt to become a Robin Hood. Apart from the comic relief, there is a lot to be decided about his statesmanship. It is a mockery of the ruling party and exposes their ineptitude in handling important affairs (especially the Engineering college fee). Don’t mess with education. Human resource is what we can rely on. There is NO abundance of crude oil, diamonds and gold. Our gold and diamond are the IT professionals who work in Silicon Valley and High Tech City.

Engineering college fee fiasco was indeed a facepalm for the ruling party. There was no policy and planning. Moreover, it does not come under the ambit of socialism and welfare. It is neither Capitalism nor Crony Capitalism. The state policy of reducing fee would baffle any Political Scientist or policymaker; there is no way that one can understand this bizarre policy. Hence it is magic. Besides, it failed to appease the youth and dented the popularity of the ruling party.

For a moment let me play the devil’s advocate. Why reduce the College fee; instead why not make it free. Let the state take control of the education system. No private colleges only Government-run institution. What are we waiting for? Let’s start the Cold War era from Andhra Pradesh. The old commies and the CPI and CPIM would fully support this decision. Why not rekindle the archaic old ideology and the dictatorship of the proletariat which turned many countries into a dystopia.

Quality education requires money and proper funding. Young people are smart enough and they understand the value of good education. YS Jagan cannot be a hero among the youth by reducing the Engineering college fee. It is only through job creation and infrastructure that he can redeem himself.

There had been a severe backlash against the State Government. Almost 23 Engineering colleges appealed to the High Court. The backlash is huge against the Government decision. The reduction in fee would impact the quality of education. There is no place in the world where the college fee is reduced. Except for Cuba where it is free, and there is an incredible brain drain.

Why not maintain some accountability and check out the salary of CM and MLA’s in the last 10 years. Let’s reduce their salaries and pay for the student fee. This arrangement seems perfect and maybe an act of sweet revenge on those MLA’s who dream about these weird policies.

As of now, the High Court suspended GO 15 which perplexed the Andhra Pradesh Government. The government would be declaring a new GO with regulations recommended by the Higher Education Regulatory Monitory Commission. Meanwhile, let the Chief Minister realize that he is living in Andhra Pradesh and not Sherwood Forest where everything was free. Don't try to be a Robin Hood.

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