Virus and Conspiracy Theories

May 15, 2020 03:09 PM

Yes, it’s the human mind that had so far played interesting games since time immemorial. All the irrational arguments and superstitions emerge from the brain. In 2020 it was the lockdown that shut many of our politician rational faculty. Perhaps a high dose of a few Netflix series on supernatural elements is impacting the sanity.

Minister for Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari had been the sanest minister in BJP. But the recent statement in calling the covid-19 virus as artificial is baffling. He believes that the virus was invented in a laboratory. Many scientists and science enthusiast are yet to grapple with the statement. It might have conjured an unbelievable fight scene from Tollywood or Bollywood cinema. There are enough conspiracy theories like 9/11 and Illuminati. A virus in laboratory is preposterous.

The BJP politician advised that we should learn the art of living with Coronavirus. For a moment it seemed like a stand-up comedy.

What is the art of living with a virus?

Maybe Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from the Art of Living foundation can explain. It is indeed a weird thought of making it an art, while living with a virus. Many politicians lack aesthetics. And this was a glaring example of it.

Nitin Gadkari should read on scientific matters especially during the covid-19 virus. Any vaccine takes around 3 years. We indeed have to live with it and think of ways to survive. But please don’t call it art and assuage the misery of the people and daily wage earners. We appreciate your hard work and commitment Mr Gadkari, but don’t make a mockery of the situation.

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