Vendetta Politics of YSRCP Going Nowhere

Jul 28, 2020 10:59 AM

The ruling party of Andhra Pradesh is desperate to decimate any opposition including the good work done by the previous Government. It is quite evident that they are driven by vengeance and objectivity has no place in their scheme of things. Ideally, they should have competed with all the good works of the previous government, but they seem to be on a destructive spree and the intention is to annihilate everything that the previous government has achieved. For great Andhra website such an attempt by the ruling party is called development. However, the Andhra Pradesh Government had to face disappointment when High Court ordered a stay on the Government order to take the entire 253 acres of land given to Amara Raja Infratech in Chittoor district.

There was a GO 33 issued by the state government to take away 253 acres by APIIC limited from Amara Raja Infratech. The land allocated to Amara Raja was 483 acres and 253 acres was to be snatched away. According to the AP state government, the company promised to generate employment and income, but it failed. The company was supposed to invest Rs 2100 crore and generate employment for 20,000 people.

In court the company argued that the investment was Rs 2700 crores on the project and they have generated employment as promised.

But businesses and markets are volatile and unpredictable and even if the company did not generate business and employment as promised there wasn’t any need for the state government to take back the land. In fact, there is a sale agreement between APIIC and Amara Raja Infratech and APIIC purchased the land from the TDP government when they were in power.

It was TDP leader Jayadev Galla family that promoted Amara Raja group. The company had generated thousands of crores in revenue. Former CM of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu is calling it a vendetta.

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