This Rebel Wants To Sit Cross Legged Before Her And Not Talk

Jun 03, 2020 09:29 AM

We all know Ram Gopal Verma had quoted Ayn Rand in a few interviews. Now, he discusses her and the influence her philosophy had on him at length in an episode of Ramuism. RGV simply was simply in awe of that a Russian immigrant makes a journey to USA at nineteen years of age by choice, learns English and authors two of the bestselling books of all time. When asked what he would have done if he met her at all, he says” She’s the most intense person I have ever known of. I’d just want to sit before her with my legs crossed and watch the intensity in her eyes. “. Perhaps this is the same child like fascination for intense people that makes the film maker create larger than life characters in his movies.

RGV known for his philosophy of Ramuism, is either super cool or at his annoying, depending on which ever side people look at him at. But in this particular interview, the fiercely well read Ramu is at his articulate best.

Ram Gopal Verma makes it clear he’s not objectivist, and he also derives lot of life lessons from Brucelee and Nietzsche, but Ayn Rand is the biggest influence. And an intelligent man that he is, he also respectfully disagrees with her at times. Him Also, willing to critically discuss Ayn Rand’s life or philosophy.

He admires her for setting her philosophy in a context and making it appealing to a larger people. RGV also does the same in this interview. He quotes Nietzsche, compares Rand to Baruch Spinoza, but makes it an enjoyable discussion. Unlike the actual philosophy which can be fearfully incomprehensible to laymen.

Ramu as a philosopher seems to be in a bigger form than Ramu as a film maker. A lot of movies and interviews by him were a window to explore more and to relish classics like God Father. Now, may be more of his talks on philosophy, will open us to a new world of reading.

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