There are Cameras Everywhere in Hyderabad

Jul 26, 2020 03:02 PM

The city of Hyderabad is already famous for biryani, sherwani, and Charminar; however it will be known for its surveillance. Hyderabad is ranked 16th among the 20 most surveilled city in the world. There are nearly 3 lakh cameras for one crore people living in the city. There are almost 29.99 cameras for every 1000 people.

DGP M. Mahender Reddy Tweeted, “Congratulations to all stakeholders. Firstly the communities for making the city a safer place to live in," he tweeted.”

The reason for this surveillance is to curb traffic violation and ensure safety. There is a strict vigilance when it comes to drunken driving and any two-wheeler not wearing a helmet. Also, there is zero-tolerance for hazardous driving and triple driving on a two-wheeler. The 10 lakh CCTV cameras are installed in three commissionerates of Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda.

The installation is helping authorities to curb traffic violation and many e-challans are generated everyday with pictures of violators.

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