The Tale of Two Contrasting Cases of Corona In Hyderabad

Jul 06, 2020 01:30 PM

It’s getting chaotic day by day in Telangana and the dangerous COVID-19 has turned into a fanged predator biting everyone. Vigilance was mandatory post lockdown but many people did not adhere to guidelines; therefore the rate of infection rose at an exponential rate. The callous attitude was shown by a Jeweler who owns a shop at Himayatnagar Hyderabad. The 63-year old diamond jeweler who organized a birthday party and invited almost 150 people a couple of weeks ago died of Corona leaving a trail of infection cases. A TRS politician along with 11 people who were there in the party are tested positive and another Jeweler who attended the party also dies a day earlier.

The worst part was the media coverage and the State Government keeping this incident discrete because some important dignitaries attended the party. It started from a Jeweler who was a guest and he was admitted to a private hospital where he died on Monday. The host later on developed Covid-19 symptoms and was admitted to corporate hospital where he succumbed to the disease.

The last three to four weeks had been difficult in Hyderabad where the cases had increased at a brisk pace. So far the Covid-19 tally is 22,000 and yesterday there were 1850 new cases.

If the Jeweler case was that of callousness here is another case where a hapless Doctor was forced to shell 1.15 lakh rupees for a single day after testing positive. There is a video of Dr Sultana going viral over social media where she is seen wailing. Dr Sultana is a civil surgeon in Fever Hospital. She was admitted to Thumbay Hospital along with his brother and daughter after complaining of shortness of breath. The brother had to pay 1.90 lakh rupees.

Amjadullah Khan of Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) informed Health Minister E. Rajender about this daylight theft by the private hospital he tweeted, “How can we be so cruel to a doctor and a COVID warrior herself and detain her for non-payment of bill.”

There had been several complaints of private hospital charging exorbitant sum from people. There was an instance where the dead body of the patient wasn’t handed over to the family because they couldn’t clear Rs 5.22 lakh, it was rather shocking that the family shelled out 5.30 lakh during treatment. Charging eleven lakh for treatment is outrageous.

Meanwhile, Dr Sultana case is handled by the officials of the Health Department and they are taking care of the treatment. Also, action will be taken against the Doctors.

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