The stigma around Coronavirus is a challenge to Humanity

Jun 30, 2020 11:41 AM

The scare around the coronavirus is bringing out the dark behaviours of humans associated with false beliefs and stigma. For instance, there is now a horrible situation in Hyderabad. The number of infected cases have been steadily growing and hospital beds are under a shortage. However, the infected who are cured are not able to go home as their family members are refusing to discharge them.

There are almost 50 patients who are left behind by their respective families. Family members are demanding to retest to make sure there are cured. However, doctors are saying that regulations do not allow them to do re-tests. Few family members are making a strange excuse that they don't have a separate room for the cured patient. In fact a cured patient does not require a separate room.

In this helpless situation doctors are allowing the cured also to stay at the hospital for the last 14 days. Now when doctors are calling these family members of quarantined patients most of them are not answering calls. The details were shared by Nodal officer Dr Prabhakar Rao of Gandhi Hospital. There is serious shortage of beds and few of the patients were shifted to nature cure hospital.

There are also reports of family members abandoning their loved ones across the nation. Even across the globe, there were videos shared on social media of abandoned dead bodies of coronavirus patients on the roadside. This reflects the pitiable situation of Human society.

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