The Old Building Of Osmania General Hospital will be pulled down

Jul 23, 2020 02:30 PM

It could be construed as an evasive action or an act of desperation; nevertheless, it looks like a welcome move from Chief Minister of Telangana after the criticism he received from the state high court. He was sulking over it and was hurt, but now he seems to have rolled up his sleeves and decided to take important decisions. However, the decision over the demolition of the old Osmania building seems to be plausible, but the situation is out of control and the incident of water entering the premise had raise finger on the ruling party.

KCR had certainly escaped from the legal outcome as well as the ire of the opposition when it comes to demolition of the secretariat. It perhaps did not put a dent on his political career as expected; now he had set his eyes on the dilapidated structure of the Osmania building and there seems to be valid reason for it. The building will be pulled down due to the recent flooding. The orders are given to Director of Medical Education K Ramesh Reddy to vacate the building and shift the patient to the adjacent block as soon as possible.

In 2015 KCR was in favor of demolishing the old structure. However, the legal tangle got in between as the building was a heritage site.

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