Thank You For Providing No Answer

May 09, 2020 07:13 AM

This is to inform the advisor of Andhra Pradesh Amar Devulapalli that innocent lives matter. When huge mishaps take place then being an adviser of state Government one should be prepared to give answers. The stakes are high and lives are lost. The apathy and indifference shown on News Hour was unbelievable. I hope he reads newspaper and aware of the ground realities because from the interview it looked like a zero-sum game. If he cannot comprehend a tragedy of this level then maybe he is not fit to be an adviser and seriously lack emotional intelligence. The statement during the interview was devoid of compassion and sympathy. He was at sea when basic questions were asked such as- what went wrong?

At least a statement expressing sympathy towards the victims would have gone a long way to establish some goodwill; unfortunately, he lost the opportunity to connect to a common man. He looked stolid and indifferent and reminded of Joseph Stalin quote, “A Single Death is a Tragedy; a Million Deaths is a Statistic.”

An important reminder that 11 people have died so far and hundreds of villagers are ill. All he could inform was about a high-level inquiry, but refrained from sharing any information or turnaround time. As an advisor, he was supposed to give answers but lacked the will to take any blame for the mishap. This is not the first time that an industrial accident occurred. In 2019 a boiler exploded in Balaji Chemical Factory and three people died.

Was there any inquiry then?

The answer is none.

By the way, Chief Minister of AP recently made a statement that he wants to reduce the fee of Engineering Colleges. There was a huge uproar and court cases. The decision turned out to be a disaster. Indeed the CM must’ve learned his lesson that bad education by reducing fee would result in mediocre advisers.

Such VIP’s who cannot answer simple questions are a burden on the state budget. Almost 400,000 per-month taxpayers money is spent, which includes business class travel allowances. Also their association with Sakshi makes them sacrosanct.

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