Telangana’s Bold Move Of Contract Farming

Jun 01, 2020 10:02 AM

Telangana State wants to take more control over what is produced in state by tying to schemes like Rythu Bandu and Minimum Support Price. It wants to limit the production of rice, put a cap on cotton and make farmers cultivate more vegetables.

Rythu Bandu often described by Telanagana CM KCR as a unique largesse model of Telangana Government, is a financial assistance program to help farmers in the procurement of seeds and other necessary goods. This assistance program is also believed to be the major reason for the thumping majority that TRS secured in the last elections.

However government now believes that farmers are cultivating rice at the cost of every other crop, which leads to shortage in some cereals when there is a demand for it in the markets.

This move came into sharp criticism by the opposition parties. An all party meeting which includes Congress and the Left condemned tying rythubandu and MSP to more government control. BJP state president, Bandi Sanjay challenged the government, if it’s ready with the necessary research of soil conditions.

A farmer inputs a lot of factors like soil conditions, labor costs etc., when he decides to go for a certain crop. While a data based decision making is a welcome move, Government should do a pilot project and demonstrate the benefits, before asking the farmers to join the cooperative. An expert also believes while this gives more control to state, state has a huge responsibility to explain public to the last detail, about how to go forward. Rather than, tying this to Rythu Bandu, which was an election promise.

A meeting held between officials and farmers did not yield fruitful results. Apparently vexed farmers had asked the government officials to take their lands on lease. This shows its long way to go in terms of convincing the involving farmers in the ultimate decision making process.

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