Telangana on “Locust Attack” Alert

May 29, 2020 03:13 PM

As if the double whammy of corona and heat waves are not enough, parts of India faced an attack from swarming locusts. Locusts are a family of grass hoppers who individually are harmless, but in large groups become a bit mischievous and can wreak havoc. Large swathes of locusts are nothing short of a natural disaster. A large group of locusts can travel at 13-14 kmph per day and can eat as much food as thousands of people. Each locust eats food weighing it’s own size.

This family of grasshopper’s breeds in desert region, but for growth they need to get into green vegetation. The locusts breed in desert regions of Africa, adjoining Asian regions like Yemen, Oman, And in Pakistan’s Balochistan. These locusts generally need good rainfall to be able to hatch eggs. Experts believe a cyclone in Mediterrenean sea could be the reason for their early breeding and their arrival in parts of Rajastan. They usually arrive in Rajastan in the months of July-October. But, they have arrived early this year. It is reported that 500000 hectares of farm crop have been damaged in Rajastan by the swarming locusts.

But, Telangana Government has expressed confidence, that state may not witness a locust attack. They generally follow the wind and wind waves have stopped at Vidharbha. The state however assures of taking the necessary precautionary measures in the 7 districts adjoining Maharashtra. The government has set up a 5 member panel to deal with the potential threat. Speaking at a review meeting at Pragathi Bhavan,Telangana CM had said collector and police administration of these districts have been kept on high alert. Additionally, Fire Engines, jetting machines and pesticides have been kept ready.

Hopefully the state withers the storm, without any damage to the farmers income.

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