Telangana Doctors Test Covid Positive

Jun 06, 2020 05:48 AM

Joseph Stalin famously quoted, “ A single death is a tragedy, while a million of them is simply a statistic.” This is what seems to be repeated in the case of Corona infections in Telangana. In what we can deem as a new low in Telangana’s war against Covid, 31 doctors and three lab personnel tested positive for the disease. The doctors seemed to have been working in Gandhi and Osmania Medical colleges.

High court had reprimanded the government both in the case of migrant issue and the fact, doctors tested positive.“ How can doctors test positive if PPE kits are provided to them, jury asked.?” The jury asked the government to come up with a response within 4 days.

The infection might have taken place when the doctors had to work on delivery of a baby. This can be seen as an obvious failure of our testing strategy. Government needs to understand it did a mistake by not screening patients admitted into hospitals. Also doctors complained of a lack of budget for proper sanitizing and cleaning after each operation. This is simply unforgivable. While at one hand we seem to calling doctors and other medical staff as front line warriors, on the other hand we can’t even protect them, by adopting a stubborn stance of low testing. No wars can be won by treating front line of defense so carelessly.

While government had ordered for a quarantine of primary contacts ,it did not yet specify if it is going to assure a better and stable times for public. Henceforth a lot of patients who want to go to hospitals for other health ailments, might feel a sense of fear. And if hospitals turn into infection points, what hope is left for people.

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