Telangana Allows Private Universities

May 22, 2020 09:49 AM

Telangana will allow private universities very soon. The decree passed by the State Government would ensure amendments in establishment and regulations. This would lead to more private universities in the state. The cabinet has already accepted the order. There is a Government order 16 already issued. The ordinance of the private university will be published in Telangana Gazette.

Private educational institutions are merging with corporate companies to set up more and more private universities in Telangana. Radcliffe Education Private Limited and Srinidhi Education Society have shown interest in building private universities. The institutes submitted the applications along with fees structures.

The state committees responsible for the private universities in the coming days are doing the groundwork. There was already a meeting held with the above-mentioned institutes. But campus inspection is yet to be done.

The government will be receiving at least 15 to 20 applications by the private educational institutes in order to establish private universities. There is already request from Guru Nanak Institutions, SR College Warangal, Malla Reddy group of educational institutions, and St Mary’s Engineering College to set up universities in Hyderabad.

Currently, the number of state universities is seven and very less private universities. This would boost the number of private universities in the coming days. There are several advantages of establishing private universities like it would give more access to newer courses in myriad fields like arts and humanities, engineering, science, technology, and hotel management. There will be a wide range of options for students to select.