Take a Chill Pill and Relax with a Beer: RGV counters Babu Gogineni

Jun 19, 2020 02:35 PM

Ram Gopal Varma is not only a sensational director but also creates the sensation at his will. At the same time, humanist Babu Gogineni also carries an indomitable personality. What if both of them are pitted against each other over an issue? It would definitely be an interesting bout for others to curiously observe, engage, and get entertained. Twitter has become a ring for both the stalwarts to exchange the punches in the form of expression in beautiful English.

‘The Man Who Killed Gandhi’ has blown the whistle for the first round in the bout between RGV and Gogineni. The other day Ramu announced that he would be making a film on Gandhi’s assassination for his RGV World Theatre. He released the poster of the movie by morphing both Gandhi and Godse into one picture on his Twitter account.

Calling it an outrageous poster, Babu Gogineni asked RGV to withdraw the same. Gogineni also stated that welding the assassin and the assassinated into one image is wicked and evil. Further, he alleged that the director lacks respect for human life and also insensitive to basic human decencies. Babu also expressed that RGV’s act is an unparalleled mischief and has no moral principles.

As usual, RGV who has his own way of countering the criticism has asked the humanist to take a chill pill and relax with a beer. ‘The intention of the morph will be understood in the final film and I am within my rights to exercise my artistic vision like u are in offending God believers...It's not right on your part to jump the gun even before you see the final product. I suggest u take a chill pill and have a beer.’ the director responded to Babu Gogineni.