Surprising Revelations About Ancient Crocs

Jun 22, 2020 01:31 PM

Day in and day out, several researchers are carried out. The flora and fauna have always been at the focus of the scientists and the researchers. Recently, another research was conducted and the results were quite surprising. It reveals that the ancestors of the crocodiles may have walked on two legs. The research was focused on the Jinju rock formation of South Korea where large footprints we're at the focus.

An investigation was done on large and poorly defined footprints. It suggested that these footprints might have come from pterosaur which is a flying reptile. However, the footprints that were recently seen were much clearer and they changed the story totally. The shape of the ancient creature's toes was captured on the new footprints. It also captured the texture of the skin. These are both a typical feature of the crocodiles.

Another interesting feature was noted in these footprints. It had this noticeable quality of prints, only from the back feet. The paleontologists could understand clearly from the footprints that they lacked the front footprints. This could mean that the ancient crocodile only used its back legs to walk. The finding of these footprints actually came as a surprise for the paleontologists who had never expected the same.

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