Sunny Leone flew to America during COVID Lockdown…But How?

May 15, 2020 11:55 AM

Sunny Leone is a sensational porn star and she has got a huge following in India. She breaks the internet on fire very often posting her pictures from time to time. And also she is one of the most followed celebrities on social media across the continents. Such an actress is making news once again and her new post from America is surprising many.

Sunny Leone was in Mumbai when the lockdown was announced and her Instagram updates also confirm it. Recently, social media went crazy with the record number of messages wishing the Bollywood baby doll during May 10th Mother’s Day and also for her birthday on 13th May. Surprisingly, she updated a photo posing with her sons Noah and Asher and daughter Nisha on social media by stating that she is in Los Angeles. In the same post, Sunny also mentioned that she is missing her mother very badly.

Sunny stated that she went back to LA as it would be the safest place for her children during the present pandemic situation. However, the picture of her in the secret garden at her posh LA bungalow is raising a few questions among the followers. Many are shocked to know this as there is no transport from India to America due to the complete shutdown of flights and ships. Then how could she have managed to land in America?.

Sunny’s husband Daniel Weber has expressed that their quarantine part-2 in Los Angeles is not so bad now. Weber went onto clarify that they landed in America through KLM Government flight. Probably, they would have flown on a cargo plane that might have carried the medicines and other supplies. But still, it remains a big question over their smooth journey to America even during the tough lockdown. Maybe the officials in America and India might have an answer.

So, it proves that Sunny Leone has all the powers to break the barriers even during COVID as she did with her career in films. Anyways, let’s hope that Sunny and her children stay safe from the virus in their luxurious villa in Los Angeles.

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