Street Food: To Eat or Not Eat

Jun 18, 2020 01:34 PM

A pani puri bandi owner had contacted corona in Vijayawada, thereby infecting eleven people. The famous Gokul Chat in Hyderabad’s Koti area was recently closed because the owner had contacted corona.

However, this is not deterring Hyderabadi’s from devouring their favorite street food. After the last phase of lockdown ended, street food joints which sell samosas, pakodas, Chinese noodles and Mirchi bajji have opened in Hyderabad. They seem to be clocking good business irrespective of the fears around COVID. Only Hyderabad has witnessed above 200 cases per day. But Hyderabadi’s can’t seem to get enough of their love for street food. The arrival of monsoons also seemed to have woken up the taste buds.

Some citizens are cautious though. Some of them think that like restaurants it is better to only allow parcel counters for street foods. It’s better to take the parcel home, pour contents in our bowls and heat them before eating. Precaution is better than worry. Enforcing this may be a problem. For how many more days can the police ask small business owners not to go about their work. Also, people are fed up with following the rules of this new world.

Do we have a choice? Government has to take proactive measures, give proper directions and educate the public on the right way of doing things. Lest we see a repeat of incidents like that pani puri bandi in Vijayawada. There is always a possibility of it affecting the most vulnerable like our old people. And otherwise, also, the costs associated with the treatment of corona are quite high. It’s good for all of us not to lose sight of this fact.