Silence Over Number of Corona Cases in Telangana

Jun 19, 2020 03:19 PM

The Telangana Government came under attack from High Court as well as from opposition, on both the fronts, regarding its handling of Coronavirus cases.

Politically Congress and BJP both criticized the Government on the lack of several tests done so far in the state and also how the green zones are slowly turning into red zones. Senior leader and TPPC congress treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy tested for positive for coronavirus and is currently under quarantine. He said he doesn't have any travel history and neither came in contact with any corona patients. He wondered how in this case he contracted the diseases without community transmission. He also demanded the Government to make it clear if there is community transmission in the state. One ex-MLA of BJP has contracted the disease and is under quarantine. The ruling TRS three MLAs also tested positive for coronavirus.

On Thursday, the high court has come out with harshest words so far against Government for ignoring its orders on testing. The court said that it seems Government has lost interest in fighting Coronavirus and rebuked that it can get tougher if that is what it takes for the government to act. It also pointed out that Government earlier fudged coronavirus figures while issuing health bulletins. Court, unhappy with the response decided to hold video conferencing with superintendents of various hospitals and know the situation first hand.

After the session finally, the Government has come forward with testing numbers, not surprisingly, it is one of the lowest in the country. The state has tested only 45, 911 samples to date. Much smaller states like Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Tripura, Goa have carried much more tests than Telangana. Only earlier this week, after much criticism Government, started allowing testing by private facilities.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has stayed one of the rulings given by High court to Telangana Government that is to test the dead bodies for coronavirus. The Supreme Court observed that it was premature and uncalled for at that stage.