Shocking…’Great Andhra’ Attempts to Divide Mega Brothers!

Jul 11, 2020 02:18 PM

Some sect of people doesn’t like happy cheerful and peaceful faces around them. They always enjoy ugly fights by willfully creating differences. For that to happen they cook up their own theories and start imbibing and influencing the innocent to pick up a row. So, in this manner, they break up the harmony and peace between the individuals like friends or brothers and also among different sections, political leaders, and cine celebrities.

Great Andhra is one such website with a creepy mentality. There are many instances to expose how this site toys with the human sensibilities of the celebrities. Once again it came up with an article which it does so often habitually as a matter of malice. It posted a Telugu article ‘Shocking…Power Star Pi Naga Babu No Reaction’.

In this scrap, it stated that Pawan Kalyan’s brother Naga Babu did not react to RGV’s ‘Power Star’ movie. Moreover, it expressed that his silence is shocking. As we mentioned about the mentality of this site, we can see that it is getting restless to see no counter-reaction from mega family. So, it is missing all the fun it seems.

Hence, it is instigating Naga Babu to rake up a fresh controversy. The poor website also vaguely stated that the response of Pawan Kalyan to Naga Babu’s opinion on Godseruptured the relationship between the two brothers. It even went on to state that the ‘Adhirindhi’ host is angry with his younger brother’s reaction.

The dumbo seems to have missed the fact that the actor has already responded to ‘Power Star’ before it put up its story. In an interview, the mega brother clarified that RGV has all the freedom to make his choice of movies. At the same time, he made it clear that there are courts to approach if there is something objectionable in Power Star. So, this response of Naga Babu squashes the false claims of the website.

Probably, GA must be disappointed over Naga Babu not being peppery in his reaction. Hence, it ended up writing an article to just add spice to its content at the cost of mega brothers’ integrity.

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