‘She was her Classmate’, Rana Reveals to Manchu Lakshmi

May 24, 2020 03:33 PM

Similar to Corona, DaggubatiRana is also giving the shocks of their lives to his fans. After announcing Miheeka Bajaj as the girl in his life, he got engaged to her in a formal Roka ceremony within a week. Now everyone knows thatMiheeka is a native of Hyderabad. And she runs an event and interior décor business from Mumbai. But, when the cupid stuck Rana is not known to many even among his close aides as well.

In a formal online video conversation with Manchu Lakshmi, the Daggubati boy shared very few things about his love. Daunting away many specific questions from Manchu girl, Rana revealed that Miheeka Bajaj was a classmate of his uncle and actor Venkatesh’s elder daughter Ashritha. Bhallaladeva also clarified that he knows Miheeka for a long time but fell in love with her just prior to the lockdown. The actor also stated that he never saw in that angle until then.

Without revealing the reasons, Rana explained that there are a few things about her that impressed him to take that big plunge in his life. He also shared that his parents who were waiting for his marriage were shocked initially when they heard the news. He then added that both his father and mother finally ended up in joy. ‘From shock to joy’ Rana summed up his parents' reaction. He also expressed that good things happen automatically in life when someone meets the right person.

Revealing about the proposal, Rana explained that Miheeka who stays in their neighborhood met him personally when she sensed what was coming over the phone from his end. About his poster-boy image, Rana opined that everyone should move on in their lives at a certain point of age, and images on poster should also change. Finally, Rana confirmed to Manchu Lakshmi that MiheekaBajaja knows Telugu and she can even speak the language if not fluently.

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