Seventy-two lakh worth of Liquor under Road Roller

Jul 19, 2020 06:32 AM

There is a scene from Raees movie where the Police crush the liquor under the Road Roller after seizing the illegal liquor. The movie was shot in Gujarat and liquor is illegal in the state of Gujarat. But In Andhra Pradesh Liquor is not illegal it is a case of moral policing which the state is indulging in. On 10th of May Gold Andhra published an article, in the article we mentioned about a rise in black market, smuggling, and bootlegging. In fact, curbing the sale and increasing the prices by 75% is not a deterrent. People find ways to procure it.

There was a rigorous checking at Krishna West Godavari district. Almost 312 cases of liquor were seized and after legal formalities, the bottles were crushed under the Road Roller. There had been an increase in the seizure of liquor smuggling and sand since May. However, it is indeed a double duty for the police and keeping continuous vigilance is perhaps costly with not many results. The dry states manage to get their share of liquor.

Such banning and making the sale difficult will only compound the problem and there will be an impending danger of the growing black market. As the forbidden fruit is banned the state machinery especially the police would make a quick buck. Instead of businessmen, the liquor trade will become a mafia. There are many such reports on liquor banning not leading to the desired result. In crux, Gujarat model when it comes to proscribing liquor does not work.

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