Setback to Bithiri Sathi… Quits TV9!

Jun 26, 2020 05:38 AM

Bithiri Sathi aka Ravi Kumar made a niche for himself through V6 ‘Teenmaar News’ with his eccentric mannerism, Telangana slang, and comedy timing. In fact, he became so popular that film offers also kept coming his way. Not only that, he even became a popular guest to entertain the audience at the pre-release functions. All of a sudden, due to various reasons BithiriSathi had to quit V6 News Channel.

Later, he joined TV9 and started ‘Ismart News’ in this popular Telugu news channel. Meanwhile, Shiva Jyothi who participated in Telugu Bigg Boss season 3 also joined him in the program later. The show gradually picked up the TRP ratings even though it couldn’t reach the ‘Teenmaar’ popularity. But again, confirmed reports state that he even quit TV9.

It is said that the creative differences and ego clashes were the reason for Bithiri’s decision. However, it is not yet confirmed whether the management has sacked him or it was his decision to part away. The buzz is that the TV9 management was not happy with Bithiri’s one-sided approach to the show even after cautioning several times. Finally, he had to pen down the resignation letter the other day.

The future plans of Bithiri Sathi are not known yet. Along with that, there is also no clarity whether his co-anchor ‘Shiva Jyothi’ who was popular as ‘Teenmaar Savitri’ would continue in the TV9 channel or not.

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