Serve Alcohol inside Theatres, Nag Ashwin’s Suggestion goes Bizarre

May 18, 2020 09:12 AM

The Lockdown is again extended till the end of May and movie theatres remain close till then for sure across the nation. Now many in the film industry are exercising their nerves to increase the footfalls to the cinema halls whenever they are opened. Many steps are discussed in this regard but there is still uncertainty over audience turnout at the theatres or multiplexes.

The majority feel that the people might not dare themselves to watch movies in theatres at least for a few weeks even after relaxation. Of course, who will risk their lives and engage in a movie with the fear of contacting corona?. But, few are thinking options to beat the fear of the audience in the theatres.

One such person from the industry is the award-winning director Nag Ashwin. He seems to have unique plans to increase the count and fill the seats in the auditorium. Nag revealing his recent conversation with Suresh Babu and Rana, has shared that they had a chat over the option of serving alcohol in the theatres like in other countries.

Nag Ashwin shared this idea with his followers on social media. Many of them did not take this crazy idea in good taste. Few of them reminded the ‘Mahanati’ director that people come to watch films with families too. Even ‘Mass Maharaja’ Ravi Teja also felt the same that families keep the theatres out of their bounds then. And also few tweeted that it is the most disgusting suggestion to have heard from such a brilliant filmmaker.

There is nothing wrong with exploring the ideas and to have a debate on increasing the heads in the auditorium. But, few even expressed that Nag Ashwin would have posted this with the influence of producer Suresh Babu who is having a chain of theatres in Telugu states. Probably, he might have tested the pulse of the moviegoers but got thumbs down response from the people.

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