Secretariat Building Demolition is all Muddled up

Jul 13, 2020 05:55 AM

The curious case of Secretariat Building and the arbitrary decision of Telangana State Government to destroy it made absolute NO sense. Moreover, it is highhandedness of not allowing anyone to enter premise. The structure was built during Nizam Mehboob Ali Khan and it was as good as a heritage site. Perhaps destroying the building with such impunity was disappointing. The opposition has condemned the demolition. The BJP and Congress leaders are criticizing this decision.

Amid this serious crisis, KCR should be expanding the infrastructure, but on the contrary, the Chief Minister is busy destroying the existing structure. The building wasn’t in bad condition and it could still be used. Many media houses and politicians are arguing that it could be turned into a makeshift hospital. The old building could be turned into a temporary 20,000-bed facility hospital.

Besides, the demolition happened in a clandestine manner. It lacked transparency and so far no one is allowed to enter the area and examine the place. The cameras near the secretariat had been switched off. Neither media nor workers are allowed to carry their mobile phones inside the premises. There is an ongoing rumor that treasure is buried inside the Nalla Pochamma temple premises. These are folklore with no evidence. But you never know KCR and his superstitions; he might be coming up with absurd plans.

Apart from the Temple, there is a Mosque within the premises which had been raised to the ground. But KCR regrets the decision and he promised to build a temple and mosque in new secretariat place. There wasn’t much of furor when the demolition of holy places took place. Both AIMIM Asaduddin Owaisi and BJP Raja Singh had been quiet about the demolition. It is good that no incendiary remarks were made from both party members.

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