Schools Need to ReThink Everything

Jun 09, 2020 01:12 PM

Firstly we need to understand that education of next generation is of utmost importance. There can be no compromise on that. Secondly safety of our kids is even more important. Schools which have been closed since March are facing a lack of choices whether to open schools or not open them at all.

Some have shifted to online mode of teaching. While initiative is appreciable, schools can’t teach kids online by blindly copying elders have started working from home. This is obviously a problem for lesser privileged students. Students from weaker sections may or may not be able to afford a smart phone with internet. And there are lot of families in cities which live in small rooms, where it might be difficult for kids to seek education.

Even in middle class or above middle class families, going online may not work out completely. We don’t know the pschycological or other health related hazards by exposing kids to screen time for long hours. A lot of these decisions have to be taken after proper assessment by experts. We doubt if schools rushing into online teaching have done that.

Obviously, starting schools back like it’s no big deal is ruled out. Telangana government has already announced that, there will be no board exams for tenth standard this year. Central HRD minister had announced that schools will start after August 15. Expectedly, this came into resistance by parents. An online petition has started in asking the government to refrain from starting schools until a vaccine is found for corona.

There is no one solution for differing scenarios. We can’t take all classes online, neither start them offline. All involved parties like school managements, parents, kids and government should come together and evolve a comprehensive plan for future. This planning must have been started when the initial lockdown was announced, but better late than never.

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