Satya Nadella On Work From Home

May 20, 2020 03:32 AM
satya nadella

Microsoft CEO and fellow Hyderabadi believe that work from home might impact the mental health, and lack of social interaction would have serious consequences on the over the health of a person. So far many professionals would’ve considered work from home as a utopia. Moreover, Hyderabadis are basically laid-back; hence they would have loved the concept. But the CEO has a different point on view. He believes that video calls cannot replace person to person interaction. He stated in an interaction with the New York Times that a complete remote set-up is akin to substituting one dogma with another.

It was rather a rhetorical questioning to understand the challenges of work from home. This is what he said, “What does burnout look like? What does mental health look like? What do that connectivity and the community building look like? One of the things I feel is, hey, maybe we are burning some of the social capital we built up in this phase where we are all working remote. What's the measure for that?"

He commented after Twitter gave an option to the employees to work from home for eternity even after the end of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Microsoft has already decided to extend the work from home option until October.

Satya Nadella also spoke of future plans. He stated that “We're going to boldly allocate and acquire, build, innovate, partner, whatever," said Nadella. We are also going to make sure that we have the ability to do credit for small businesses and other organizations that need that help.”

He also spoke of fresh ideas and solutions for small and medium Indian businesses pertaining to business continuity and cloud adoption during the Coronavirus crisis.

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