Samantha with 100% Marks in Class X Mathematics Takes up a New Job on her Terrace!

May 31, 2020 09:40 AM

Green Revolution was started in the late 1960s to increase the agriculture production worldwide. It was predominantly encouraged in developing nations like India. But, its adverse impact on people’s health, soil and water are openly visible for everyone to see. So, these days’ people are falling back on organic and traditional farming. Especially, the celebrities who are extra conscious of their health are growing vegetables and fruits in their farmhouses.

The rooftop or terrace gardening is growing popularity in the cities and towns due to non-availability and unaffordable spacious lands. Actress Samantha Akkineni also bought the idea of growing vegetables on the rooftop. She shared a pic of her newly set-up garden on the terrace of her house with her followers on social media. This picture with the caption ‘One step closer to my terrace vegetable garden’ is going viral on the internet.

This garden seems to be still under construction as a man is also seen working on the grilled structure. The edge of the swimming pool is also visible below and it is giving a nice ambiance to relax in the early mornings and evenings. Further, the images of growing lettuce and little other variety of baby plants prove that Sam has taken up her terrace gardening seriously in a big way.

Besides, Samantha also shared her matriculation progress card of 2002. She scored 100 in Mathematics-I and 99 in Mathematics-2 and this proves that she was also a brilliant student. More than that, the feedback on her report card stating ‘She is an asset to the school’ proves that why everyone is fond of this girl not only on the screen but also off it as well.

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