Safety Jeopardized and Andhra Pradesh State Government is Clueless

Jul 01, 2020 10:32 AM

It could be an accident when the LG Polymers plant styrene leakage took place in May. But second gas leak at a pharmaceutical unit is pure negligence. The citizens of the country empathized with the victims and refrained from any attack on the State Government when the leakage on May 7th killed 11 people. People and opposition even ignored the indifferent attitude shown by the YSRCP spokesperson. However, a complete root cause and scrutiny is required behind this tragedy. Gold Andhra will not politicize this issue, unlike Great Andhra. The attempt is to objectively understand the incident.

The lockdown so far had certainly impacted many industries, but gas plants, if not attended for a long period, can result in serious accidents. There should be some cognizance from the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in the past and the recent LG Polymers plant styrene leakage.

The doubt lingers in every citizen’s mind.

Why there is no precaution?

Unfortunately, post lockdown it had become a recurring feature. The second leakage at Sainor Life Sciences Private Ltd, a Pharma company located in Jawaharlal Nehru Pharma City in Parwada had certainly cast many doubts on the safety of industries. There is a need for transparency and everything should crystal clear.

The gas leakage at the Pharma unit claimed two lives and four are ill. However, it is rather unfortunate that Great Andhra website reported as, “Safety Concerns In The City Of Destiny.”

Such euphemisms to save their political God Father show a lack of sympathy towards the victims. In next couple of days, a headline in Great Andhra would show, “Jagan giving 5-10 crores to the victim’s family.” - And it will be hard earned public money.

The reporting in GA reeks of apathy towards the hapless victims. Citizens of the country need answers not just relief of one crore or 10 crore. So far relief seems like bribing the victim’s family or some 10th century A.D tribal custom of blood money which the state and the company deal in.

IAS officer E.A.S. Sarma had stated that 25 industrial accidents had occurred so far since 2013. Almost 23 people lost their lives and 73 injured. Special Chief Secretary, Environment and Forests, Neerabh Kumar Prasad had urged the State Government for a proper investigation. He also stated that many of these units are polluting and violating environment protection laws and regulations.

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