Row Over Face Mask led to Death of 19-year old Girl

Jul 12, 2020 02:57 PM

Karnati Yalamandala in Guntur district got embroiled in an argument with some youth over a facemask on 3rd of July. The argument led to serious physical assault and claimed the life of Karnati’s 19-year old daughter when she tried to stop the men assaulting her father with sticks. During the assault, she sustained a head injury and succumbed to it in a Government Hospital. It was an unfortunate case of youth taking things in the hand which resulted in this unfortunate incident.

The incident took place in Rentachintala of Guntur district. The police stated that an argument happened between the youth and Karnati Yalamandala for not wearing a facemask and meandering around the neighborhood. The youth took objection to it and the argument started.

After a few days, the same youth were spotted without facemask in a market place, and Karnati Yalamandala was in the same area at his relatives place. This led to a brawl and later physical assault. The incident happened on the 3rd of July. The youth attacked Karnati Yalamandala with sticks and his daughter tried to save him. She was hit on the head and immediately shifted to Guntur Government Hospital. She died on Saturday. A case has been booked against the youth and they are arrested on charges of murder.

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